A Masterclass in Science Communication
Friday, 2 February 2018, Lynnwood Conference Centre, Pretoria
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I am a researcher at Stellenbosch University where I teach in the field of science communication and public science engagement. I offer an online course, and also teach at postgraduate level (email marinajoubert@sun.ac.za for more information).

My current science communication research explores the question: “What factors influence if, why and how researchers engage with public audiences?” I am interested in documenting the communication experiences of scientists and – in the process – to understand what motivates scientists to step out of their offices and labs to interact with society – directly or via a range of media channels. I am exploring the incentives and rewards that keeps them going in terms of public communication about their work, but also the barriers that constrain their involvement. In my research, I use ideas and concepts from behavioural psychology (that helps us to understand what drives human behaviour), and also draw from communication science and sociology of science. I am particularly fascinated by highly visible scientists for whom public engagement is a core element of their research careers. I am currently (January to May 2017) interviewing visible scientists – identified by a panel of science journalists and media researchers – for my PhD research.

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